Paper trading

We deal with various paper products and raw materials. Our main product is technically high-quality Russian standard newsprint.

We are pleased to tell you more about our products and competitive prices.

Finnkarelco Oy's business model is based on a long-term trade and customer relations. The products that we deliver to Russian paper mills together with our experienced partners include chemical pulp, chemicals, machinery and equipment, packaging materials and building materials. Our imports consists mainly newsprint that we sell to Finnish printing houses.

Finnkarelco Oy's customer-oriented policy is based on intermediate warehouses situated in Finland and on reliable customer transports. Paper is imported by container transport, road and rail. All customer deliveries are carried out by Finnish transportation agencies to ensure that the transportation services meet our customers' needs.

Our terminals in Finland are capable of storing customers' paper supplies equalling a demand of 1-2 months. This means that we are able to delivery paper even at a very short notice. Our delivery notes, reports and invoices are available to our customers also in electronic form.

Finnkarelco Oy has arranged for a producer's liability for all of its imported paper in accordance with the decision of the Finnish Council of State. To this effect, it has concluded an agreement with Suomen Keräystuote Oy for recovering and recycling all collected paper.